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Be a Software Engineer at Soluto

We’re working on the next generation of our service with a variety of different platforms.

We want more talent across our entire stack, so we’re looking for either full-stack developers, or strong developers in key areas like cloud applications, web frontend, mobile apps, machine learning and big data. You will work closely with product managers, UX designers and other developers, all dedicated to building a rich, well-designed system, on various platforms, that's highly scalable and available.

We're very much into DevOps, which means developers do everything from designing the feature to monitoring the production deployment.

We’re all full-stack developers, so we all write code and tests on all platforms: cloud back-end, web frontend & mobile apps. Of course, every developer has their own interests and can still expand on a particular area of expertise.

Our tech stack is very diverse.

Most frontend is React (also React Native for the mobile apps) and TypeScript. We have native mobile code in Java (Android) and Swift (iOS). The backend is 100% cloud-based, most of it is Node.JS or .NET Core, with a microservices architecture that helps keep it flexible. There are some Ruby and Python scripts too. We deploy to K8s (on AWS), AWS, Azure and use multiple service of these platforms. We use different types of storage and utilize multiple 3rd party services. It's important to note that we don't expect you to have experience in all of these platforms and languages.

Why should you join us?

  • We take good care of our developers. We encourage them to find the right balance between their professional lives and their personal lives, and we make an effort to make sure they are well compensated for their hard work.

  • We have a unique culture that gives developers lots of freedom, responsibility and ability to influence both product and tech decisions. We’re also virtually flat - there are no managers in Soluto.

  • You’ll be surrounded by a team of very strong developers, and we put time into learning and improving, so you’ll have a lot of resources to learn from, but you’ll also have the opportunity to express yourself, and we’re open to learn from you too.

  • We have a great product that lots of people use and enjoy, so your code impacts people on a day to day basis.

  • We work on solving complex problems and challenges around big data processing, quality, performance and user experience.

  • Our stack is very diverse, so you’ll be working on anything from big data processing to creating a great user experience. You can choose to be full-stack or dive deep into the areas that are most interesting for you.

Tech stack

- Node.js
- Javascript/Typescript
- React
- K8 & Lambda
- React

You are...


Our developers are expected to have in-depth knowledge their areas of expertise, and be able to create readable, maintainable and efficient code. We really value academic degrees but we've found they don't necessarily correlate to being a great developer.

A professional developer

We think of ourselves as professional developers. We appreciate developers who are passionate about software, see it as a part of their lives and are eager to take more responsibility, learn and improve.

Have great communications skills

Our developers have to be able to communicate complex technical designs and systems in a simple way, which makes it easy to understand for developers, product managers and UX designers.

The hiring process

We see interviews as an approximation to what working together could be like, so we try to make them as close as possible to the actual work. There aren’t any little quizzes or coding on the whiteboard. Nothing like that. This also means that interviews are a great chance for you to check us out. We have our own unique culture and atmosphere around the office, and this is a good chance to find out if we're a good match for you.
You can expect to meet about four of our developers in total, as well as the R&D manager, and Doron or Adi who manage the process from the HR perspective. Most candidates make a few visits to our offices over a few days, but if you want to rush things up a bit we can even get the whole thing done in one day. We don't make professional compromises, but we're pretty flexible on the timing.

The first exercise

This exercise is really mostly about design and code, creating a solution to a particular problem in just a few hours (no more than two). You can choose your favorite language and IDE. We’ve seen a lot of Java, JavaScript, C# and Ruby, but also some Python and Scala, and other languages too. Again, we're trying to simulate actual dev work, so you can google stuff, import 3rd-party libraries, and consult with the interviewers regularly. The interviewers will give you immediate feedback on the code, so you know what's looking great and what needs some more work. We want you to feel comfortable, so the kitchen is open, and you can take a break whenever you feel like it.

The Second Exercise

This exercise is still hands-on, but focuses more on system design and communicating around complex technical concepts. We try to discuss real-life problems, or problems we actually had to solve in the past, like solving a scale problem, or creating a solution that’s very easily extendable. The format feels a little like a design review where we all try to solve a problem together. It takes about two hours.

We're all human, and we all have our biases, so in Soluto, we try to make the process as objective as possible by having the interviewers follow relatively strict guidelines for scoring exercises. We're also making an effort to make it as transparent as possible for candidates, so you can expect to receive feedback on how we perceive your performance in the exercises and what we think you can improve.

The interviewers

Here's a chance to get to know your interviewer a little better.


Our hack days give a chance for our wildest dreams to come to life, while experimenting with new technologies and techniques that are not normally part of our stack. This helps us make sure we're always in touch with the latest trends in the industry. We also take these experiments seriously - some ideas have made their way into our apps in production, and other have helped shape our long-term vision.

Here's a small taste from some of our latest hackathon projects: